buy a Glass Chair Mat

designed to roll smoothly, look amazing, and last forever

fast free shipping at your doorstep in 3 to 5 days


buy a Glass Chair Mat

designed to roll smoothly, look amazing, and last forever

fast free shipping at your doorstep in 3 to 5 days

Stop wasting your money on outdated chair mats!
upgrade to a glass chair mat. You'll never buy another agAIN.

Safe For All Surfaces


Never Dents, Cracks, or Deteriorates

Modern & Attractive

LifeTime Warranty

We'll stand behind our quality by providing a lifetime guarantee. If  your glass chair mat breaks or cracks during normal use we'll send you a new one. see details*

60 Day Money-back Guarantee

We're so certain you'll never want another chair mat that we'll give you a refund* if for any reason you are not satisfied. *excluding s&h


Quality Design

Our pencil polished edge work and rounded corners provide a finishing look.


Safe Tempered Glass

Our chair mats tempered glass safety standards. To date not one has broken with proper use!

Hassle-Free Packaging

Our packaging is very easy to open and recycle. No styrofoam, no mess.


Many have expressed how our glass chair mats have helped with back and knee pain.


Fast Shipping

We ship within 24 hours. Most orders are received in 3 days after order.


Non-Profit Fulfillment

Our business provides packaging fulfillment jobs to disabled workers and vets at ODC Inc in WI.

We offer two sizes which may be purchased on amazon:

Note: Please measure your office space to be sure the size you choose will fit properly

We do not offer custom sizes or any other sizes at this time.


Our Story

An idea born out of a need

Our Story

An idea born out of a need

After throwing out my third cracked plastic char mat I wanted something that would last forever. I looked into bamboo, vinyl, plastic, and polycarbonate mats, but I knew they would eventually make their way to the dumpster. There had to be something better...

Enjoying the look of modern glass furniture I had a revolutionary thought – why not use glass as a chair mat? It will meet all my demands because it’s attractive, very strong when tempered, provides a smooth gliding surface, and will never discolor or deteriorate over time. I quickly moved on this idea and after much design had 3 prototypes sent to my house for testing.

I was amazed at how awesome my new glass chair mat was compared to the alternatives. It's been a couple years now and the chair mat in my office looks as good as the day I laid it down. Not only did I save the carpets from damage but I also saved money with this permanent solution. The alternatives would have need to be replaced over and over.

I've always been an entrepreneur seeking new innovative business ideas and knew this was a product others needed. After saving hundreds of office spaces, is on a continuous mission to save one office at a time! Our glass chair mats provide you with a lifetime solution to protect your carpets, hardwood, tiles, antique rugs, and any other surfaces.

Now the question is... Will you save your office?